Fibroid Signs and Symptoms: Information for Women

According to numerous statistics published on the web, majorities of women who suffer from fibroid tumors hardly show signs and symptoms. Nevertheless, there are certain indicators which may point to uterine fibroids. This article discusses into detail fibroid symptoms which are commonly displayed by women with uterine fibroids:

Intense Vaginal Bleeding

If you have ever experienced prolonged menstrual flow, chances are that you may be suffering from fibroid tumor. Even with advanced sanitary protection, soaking tends to happen within an hour. A number of women have even reported seeing blood clots, while some tend to stay indoors during excessive menstrual days. Due to heavy bleeding, there are women who become anemic (i.e. minimal blood count). Conditions that can arise due to anemia include exhaustion, dizziness and migraine headaches.

If you are one of those women whose quality of life is interfered with as a result heavy vaginal bleeding, it is highly recommended that you see a specialist. Only a doctor is able to fully identify fibroid symptoms, thus prescribing for you the right treatment.

Pelvic Pain

Discomfort, pain or tenderness is also another symptom displayed by women suffering from uterine fibroids. The soreness usually occurs in the lower abdomen. Instead of experiencing sharp pains in the pelvic area, women with uterine fibroids feel unclear distress. Lying face down, bending or exercising can be challenging due to the swollen uterus.

Pain in the Pelvic Area

Acute pain in the pelvic area is not a common symptom, but it has been reported by a number of women suffering from fibroid tumors. Nevertheless, doctors have classified severe pelvic pain as one of the fibroid symptoms. Sharp pain in the pelvic area happens the moment the fibroids start going through a process referred to as degeneration. Normally, the aching is localized to a particular area and tends to improve without medication in less than 4 weeks. Then again, you can lessen the pain fast by taking pain killers like ibuprofen.

Bladder Issues

Frequent urination is one of the most common fibroids symptoms displayed by women suffering from uterine fibroids. You may find yourself waking up to 10 times in the night just to empty your full bladder. On the other hand, uterine fibroids can cause you to experience seldom urination in spite of having a full bladder.

Frequent and rare urination are as a result of excessive pressure being placed on the bladder by fibroids. This in turn minimizes the bladder’s capacity to hold urine or hindering normal urine outflow. There are medications which available in the market which can provide you with relief from bladder problems.

Lower Back Pain

Whereas lower back pain is not a common symptom amongst women suffering from uterine fibroids, fibroids can apply pressure on the muscles as well as nerves of the lower back, thus resulting in lower back pain.

In addition to the above, other fibroids symptoms include pain while having sexual intercourse and rectal pressure. While fibroid tumors are not life threatening, it is highly recommended that you see a physician the moment you start to feel one or more of the symptoms illustrated above.

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