Fibroids Hysterectomy – When Is It Recommended?

Hi there, it is Selena this side. today I am going to talk about Fibroids Hysterectomy and the circumstances when it is needed.

Fibroids hysterectomy is a surgery that removes your uterus, so the fibroids will be gone completely and do not have a chance to grow back. This procedure is the most effective way one and also the most invasive one. That’s why someone should get second opinion before doing it. This should be your last option to do. This guide will help you to understand this procedure.

While fibroids are one of the most common reasons for undergoing a hysterectomy, more and more physicians are recommending more natural remedies to shrink fibroid growths. They do disappear over time, particularly when a woman reaches menopause.

However, there’re some reasons why fibroids hysterectomy is recommended.

  • Your fibroids cause you severe discomfort, embarrassment, bleeding, and even pain. Other serious symptoms include pain in the abdomen and lower back, a huge amount of blood loss during menstrual periods, daily constipation, and frequent urination that most women are finding a difficult time to living with. These can impede the quality of your life and render you unable to attend to daily tasks effectively.
  • They affect other organs in your body.
  • They‘re especially or extensive large uterine tumors.
  • A woman who suffers from those serious or debilitating symptoms, is not planning on getting pregnant and her fibroids have grown to the size of 12-week old fetus.
  • There’re no other treatments or therapies that’re able to improve your condition.

Through fibroids hysterectomy, you can expect that all your uterine fibroid tumors are completely gone. You have never to deal with those debilitating conditions again, and you can live a symptom-free life.

Other that those advantages, you need to know any possible disadvantages and complications such as you can’t have children anymore, dealing with early menopause, risk of heavily bleeding during or after the surgery, and possible damage to your bowel and bladder.

Some facts show that a lot of women have done unnecessary fibroids hysterectomy. That’s why this option should be limited only to older women who don’t have a planning to have children and suffer from severe symptoms.


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