Fibroids in the Uterus – Symptoms and Cures

This can be a scary diagnosis for any women, especially when your doctor is suggesting prescription drugs, or surgery. i’m here to tell you that a diagnosis of fibroids in your uterus isn’t the end of the world, as there are many alternative therapies available to you to treat them naturally.

first of all, let’s look at the what fibroids actually are, and how they are caused. this might help you understand why natural remedies are the best way to shrink them.

uterine fibroids are growths that occur in the uterus, and these growths consist of smooth muscle tissue. a significant amount of women have fibroids, but most of them are very small and don’t cause any problems. it’s only when the fibroid grows too big, or grows in specific places in the uterus that they start to cause unpleasant symptoms.

some women complain of looking pregnant because of their fibroids, other women just experience bloating or discomfort. intense pain is also another symptom of fibroids, and so is abnormal bleeding. abnormal bleeding can include extremely heavy periods, bleeding for 7 days or more, to spotting in between periods.

women trying to get pregnant find that fibroids can make things more difficult. for example, a fibroid blocking the fallopian tube can prevent fertilization, or when its near the uterine lining, it can disrupt implantation or cause miscarriages. women with extra-large fibroids may struggle to get pregnant due to the sheer bulk of the tumor.

so, what causes fibroids to grow abnormally in the first place? there are lots of theories out there, but i have found that my clients who are exposed to high levels of toxins are most at risk of suffering the worst symptoms. these toxins are classified under the category of xenoestrogens, and they are artificial chemicals that are very similar in structure to the estrogen naturally found in the body.

xenoestrogen chemicals are found in pesticides sprayed on fruit and vegetables, some pharmaceutical drugs, household products, cosmetics and non-organic sources of meat and dairy. i have found that when my clients switch to organic foods, and natural cosmetics and cleaning products, their fibroids stop growing so rapidly, and their symptoms improve.

if your fibroids are causing you problems, you would really benefit from detoxing these xenoestrogen chemicals from your body. you can do this with body cleansing. body cleansing involves taking herbs to cleanse the colon, liver, kidneys and getting rid of specific toxins such as heavy metals and parasite. the body cleansing kit we use takes 28 days, and everyone notices the difference within a week of starting it.

while detoxing, you can start balancing your hormones with natural herbs. fibroidclear is an organic herbal supplement that contains herbs that both reduce fibroids in size and help the body to balance out estrogen and progesterone naturally. it also has other benefits, such as reducing uterine spasms, and reducing heavy bleeding.

earlier, i mentioned the importance of organic food for avoiding toxins. there are also other foods that can help to shrink fibroids. most of these are superfood vegetables, which provide your body with the nutrients needed to heal fibroids, rebuild the blood lost from heavy periods, and help the body to remove harmless substances safely. i found that getting these foods in a concentrated form, such as alka greens plus, can really make the difference in shrinking your fibroids quickly.

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