Shrink Fibroids with Systemic Enzyme – 5 Vital Facts To Know

Hi, I am Selena and today I will be sharing 5 Important Facts About Shrinking Fibroids with Systemic Enzyme.

One way to shrink uterine fibroids is by doing supplementation with systemic enzyme. These 5 facts are very important to help you understand this method.

  • Systemic enzyme can shrink all types of fibroids because they’re made from the same fibrous substances. However, it’s necessary to address the estrogen dominance condition also if you want to speed up the shrinkage process. As you know, this hormone plays significant role in the fibroids growth.
  • Most of the fibroid patients want the result immediately. Unfortunately, it can’t be achieved with this therapy. Generally, if this works for you, you may notice some improvements on your symptoms within one month, such as less frequent urination, or a relief in bladder pressure. Your uterine fibroids will also shrink in 3-6 months periods. How far the shrinkage is depends on your health, age, body metabolism, diet, lifestyle, weight, whether or not you control your estrogen level.
  • This therapy won’t prevent your body from growing a new fibroid, but it does shrink uterine fibroids, although only the existing one. That’s why, it’s necessary to have the maintenance dosage until the menopause in order to shrink the new uterine fibroids that begin to grow.
  • Systemic enzyme has mild blood thinning effect which can give you additional bleeding. If you’re in one of these conditions, such as anemia, having heavy bleeding or periods, it’s suggested to do necessary action for temporary such as reduce the dosage, stop the supplementation, or deal with the issue first. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t consume it while menstruating. Most of the women don’t have a problem taking it while menstruating.
  • This is also not recommended for women that are nursing or pregnant, as these groups have not been clinically tested.

Hope any of these facts won’t stop you from taking advantages of this systemic enzyme – a new approach to shrink uterine fibroids, because a lot of women had been successful treating their fibroids with this method.

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